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Irving Zeitlin

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PG 152 Historical sociology,
TOQ learn method, died 1883, not revolutionary, complex theory reduced to economic
In the preface sounds like an economic determinist talks about foundation and
superstructure, casual to economics,
Reductionist approach to marx, he was not a economic determinist,
All modes of production: names them in historical sequence starts with agiatic mod most
ancient mode coinciding with montesqiues oriental despotism , the prototypical form was
Egypt under the pharoh, he means all power in hands of the pharoh,
Modes of production are epochs, next one is the ancients as in ancient Greeks and room,
Athens and Sparta and rome, humans evolved from lower to higher,
ASIAN ANCIENT FEUDAL, one of the most important is feudalism to capitalism
burgeoise(cap) mode of production, preceeding asian mode marx and hegel called it tribal
claimed it was primitive communism TRIBAL
Tribe economic clan is kingship, tribal particluarism dont give damn about ur tribe better
reln to my clan than yours, influence by 19th century evolutionary theory, American
anthropologist louis henry morgan, he studied iroquis and other nation NA tribes he
observed and others did was a high degree of social equally, close to sexual equally women
take part in decision chief to uppity could demote him
Tribal, absence of several things institution of pvt no private prop, no classes and no state
apparatus, in Egypt wont enjoying it so had police force, need taxes , collect taxes they
would run
Engles, famil, in Egypt wont enjoying it so had police force, need taxes , collect taxes they
would run
Engles, family pvt property and origin of patriatch and egliatry
How do we know what kind of social organization they had before Europeans arrivd, had to
equally go away and things that didnt exist come to
Only way to find way of communal society become class look at history and whether any
tribes such as the Germanic tribes and glance clipse of how thye changed to classs socir=ety
and gives us idea of what happened,
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What engels did was go to Julius caser and look at the galic wars in present day france,
striking resemblance to native tribes in na egliatarian, caser notice, 60 bce, retinue young
men who like adventure go out and look for booty and attack other tribes pr roman
settlements and come back with plunder and capture young women and intergrate them
shortage of women integrated all booty and phat ass into community, high degree of
Tacitus lived in 90 AD CE, can u study social change without history, looks at Germanic
tribe sees property, class and equilvant to a militia or police force, role to protect pvt
property and saw retinues same thing except become ind of tribes keep to themselves , role
of women dont intergrate but become wifes of officers different phenom
See social changes and how insight absent in time 1
Disentagartioon of roman empire different parts late each one loyal to own commander
powerful and became emperor, see how process changed and became class structure society,
Who was the earliest pharoh, oldest is 500 years first pharoh command on of retinue, and
add role of priest, had religious rulers, commader retinue and religious leaders assume go
back to ancient china, china feudal, despotism emerge by reducing them chief magician
More freedom for ind in ancient societies even in Sparta oligarchial two kings senate and
Mode of production in more analytical way, man from mars study human how go about it;
Mode of production made up of forces of production and relations of production(property
Forces; humans in cooperative relations, tools and instruments, technology and mother
nature cant assign weight to them in advance, move cements efficient and less efficient,
more effective cooperative relations and less, technology application of science to certain
tasks(scientific know how) tribal had skill and knowledge and how to raise yams there is
scientific know how, when do they resort to magic not dummies carry magician but why, bc
exp taught them that no cloud in sky and boats in the blue, cant control conditions have
anxiety and melonoski and magican lower anxienty
Nature, north of certain point in Canada, cant live of fat of the land, forces of production
show how people in a given society produce, part not whole thing,
Need relations to understand whole, understands who owns and controls stragetic resources
in a given society and main means of production (property relations or power) weber means
power, ability to realize ur will against the resitance of others
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