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Irving Zeitlin

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Biggest critic of capitalism and structure, regard him as outstading thinker of 19th century
max weber calls marx a great thinker most important is in historical sociology, historian
unique and unrepeatable, good historian must be good sociologist, not just telling a story,
used toquerville as an example captured America main character as society and French
revolution analysis ,
3 componets as marxs theory, one hegel as a young formed he was a member of the young
Hegelians, best student had enternilized dialetec way of thinking, marxs conscious
intellectual is the hegel tradiation, also component is French socialism, French social
thinker sam simon and others , fredreich engel coauthor with marx marx was more
rigourosu and scientific , 3rd component English politicaleconomy, who we are referring
adam smith, david rcardo, david mill, Malthus commentator on marxs 3 volumes, evry
source in those volumes, capital explain how system emergers and works and create huge
proleteareate, dehumanizing and alienation couldnt belive the system was so degrading
Marx was a political refugee whos refuge was in England at the library of the british
museum wrote das capital,
Hegel was a philosophical idealist vs materialsm, plato idealistic of the forms, believed
reason, spirtit capital was immenent = some governing principle, history not chaotic jungle
but developem, stages some kind of principal internal, partly influenced enlightment and
romantic reaction in sense, such as Heraclites, never step into same river twice dicple not
even once metaphor for universe, hegel nothing is static state of flux, disciple also said war
is father of all things or conflict as applied to the hman condition, we are divided against
ourselves in many mureous way, hegle history is a slaughter bench
Marx would say its outrages the prince would send in uncessary war, not only divided
among ourselves even with socity, opening line of communist manifesto, the history of clash
struggle, modes of production or epochs, class structure
Thinking dialictaley, entire contradictions, development overcoming the contradictions,
earliest very earliest societies very little freedom, marx Asiatic mode of production,
despotism, antiquity such as Greece and rome, Athens more freedom then Persia and asia,
Sparta senate and two kings and ephors not lightly, moves through epochs, development
overcoming come to America republic fundamental contradiction civil war condition of
blacks, higher stage overcome internal contradictions
Socialism main point is that the utiliatarians les sais faire, leave it alone the invisible hand
adam smith, gov ruin things, historically never happened like it, 1819 swiss economist
persus own interest down to smallest number is getting worse, defect in existing system,
kind of commercial system recurring crisis only way to overcome is to have, influenced by
science, is to have rational planning of the economy, marx footnote dogma is buyer for every
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