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Irving Zeitlin

th Biggest critic of capitalism and structure, regard him as outstading thinker of 19 century max weber calls marx a great thinker most important is in historical sociology, historian unique and unrepeatable, good historian must be good sociologist, not just telling a story, used toquerville as an example captured America main character as society and French revolution analysis , 3 componets as marxs theory, one hegel as a young formed he was a member of the young Hegelians, best student had enternilized dialetec way of thinking, marxs conscious intellectual is the hegel tradiation, also component is French socialism, French social thinker sam simon and others , fredreich engel coauthor with marx marx was more rigourosu and scientific , 3 component English politicaleconomy, who we are referring adam smith, david rcardo, david mill, Malthus commentator on marxs 3 volumes, evry source in those volumes, capital explain how system emergers and works and create huge proleteareate, dehumanizing and alienation couldnt belive the system was so degrading Marx was a political refugee whos refuge was in England at the library of the british museum wrote das capital, Hegel was a philosophical idealist vs materialsm, plato idealistic of the forms, believed reason, spirtit capital was immenent = some governing principle, history not chaotic jungle but developem, stages some kind of principal internal, partly influenced enlightment and romantic reaction in sense,
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