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Irving Zeitlin

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Jan 10 Soc 203
Most be historical, counterfactual brick fall on napoleon head history be different
Diffenece historian and historical sociologist, characiture most putstanding historians do
more, mine history unique and urepeadable series of events , History studies ceaser soc
Historian story, soc explaining causes and consequences toq not only what happened but
what caused it and consequences, one more they look at casues and consequences,
comparative dimension he comes from france live knows history 1789 what happened after?
Son daughter nobility guliotine and there was napoleon a despot emerges, Beethoven 3rd
symph rename heroica, toq live through revolution,
Witness of a coup detat, seizure of power, soc would ask underlying cuases and similarities
and difference American and france revolution, toq key concept is rise of the demos, people,
rarely happens. Calls a mastertredn from arist to demo, now play a sig role in history in
france not always good early history of America diifeernces
Demo in America, America diff from france and Europe, no old regime in America at that
time, a regime some time ago, no church, no monarchy, and no establish nobility aristo 3
pillars mon nob estab church. No large metropolitan cities with slums and ghettos, nothing
like London no state bureacry, france so highly centralized couldnt repair a steabke without
authority from france. NO great industrial centers like Manchester toq 1830s said 69 hrs a
week day or night. Thames so filthy full of shit, over
America post revo middleclass society, America no upper class which ruled like in Europe,
not like france king and nobility failed lower class fit to govern required sharing of power,
America people had a voice in politics such as locke and monte checks of powers balance of
forces, avoid situation social forces some large and powerful tyranisze over the rest. Mach
dynamic equilibrium
Earliest settlers on America all English not Anglican not established church but puritan
product of protestant revalation and Calvinist and pot cal sects a lot in common for those
reason , certain liberties not in france, trial by jury and accountability in us, local
autonomy, each township
France vulnerable to despotism bc local powers weakend by absolute monarchy and
subsequent and by napoleon,
State gather itself all power nothing stood between it and atomized
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