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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 Jan 30th 2012 SOC358H1 Professor Lee

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University of Toronto St. George
Tara Lee

Total Institutions What is a Total InstitutionMore encompassing than other institutionsBarrier to social intercourse with outside worldTotal institutions create ways of being enclosed Free departure is prohibitedcant leave very different from things like church where you can leave whenever you want Agency the freedom to do what you choose is restrained in total institutions o Goffman uses many synonyms in his work very streamofconsciousnessLegacy of the Chicago School uncovering nuance in everyday lifeBreakdown of barriers typically separating sleep play and worksegregated spheres of life but they are collapsed into one place and overseen and controlled Each phase occurs in the company of large groups of others who are in the same social situation or conditionsDaily life is tightly scheduled and regulatedAll activities are supposedly advancing official aims of the institutions5 Types of Total InstitutionsChicago school is famous for categorizing things into different categories to understand them better 1 Care for Harmless o Elderly assisted living places orphanages places where people need to be quarantined due to illness 2 Incapable of Looking After Self and Seen as a Threat to Community o Mental asylums jails certain types of PoW camps halfway houses rehabilitation centers 3 Protect Community From Threatso Very similar to 2 includes jail 4 Places of Training o Army Barracks training institutions Live with a group of people and are for the most part cut off5 Retreats From the World o 4 and 5people go voluntarily experience of going voluntarily is very different from being taken against your willo They can prepare themselves by stripping their sense of self prior to entering the total institutions because it is voluntary Reasons for entering these institution varies across the board 2 Key Roles 1 Staff 2 Inmates
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