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1844-1848 why people in a certain ward of an hospital kept on dying, second example
chemist chemical structure of a compound falls asleep doesnt matter how you come to the
idea but how the idea is tested, requirements of valid social theory
6 sources of evidence list sources of data,
Elements of an exemplary case methods
Search for an article libraries popular databases JSTOR - ADVANCED SEARCH -
Qualitative vs. quantitative methods not distinctive
Triangulation making a case for using multiple methods of research and more info more
info more approprotate answer to an answer, land surveyors , use of multiple sources of
Symbolic interaction human beings communicate through symbols most common
language sounds more like linquistics than social science, not use symbols in social
science but for an effect
Chapter two research methods, social scence what people actually do, language is a tool but
is not reason
What is discussed in chapter 2 thorughout the rest of the course
What Radcliffe aid about social structure importance of the study of social structure, all
sciences talk about structure, structure gives shape and characteristics and act the way
they do
List to functioning of society, social structure economic and political structure, religious
Pygmies of the rainforest ethonography 1965
4 areas of social structure
Political mean descisiion making not formal government
Tropical rainforest in Africa, pygmies untouched by outside world, Zaire Africa
Hunt with same weapons hunting and gather food, building new camp every 5-6 when food
becomes scarce,
Politics crime and war are unknown, kill monkeys with arrow with poison from plants and
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