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Symbolic interactionism not a methods, method do to generate data, interactionism is a perspective or approach what questions are interesting to ask about the social world is one potential perscprctive to qualitative research methods, meanings of indiv, come through interactions and interpreteive practice, means the si how meaning is created through interaction, vocal gestures is a symbol but not the only just a piece, some may look through symbols for meaning such as jewelery or clothing, men positioned standing up women down saw symbol in that, can do si through interviews, si and ethnography pygmies, another theoretical perspective u can take as society as a whole is structured, questions structure, how does it work, shaoe behavior, role contrast to si individual behavior Final assignemt write up research proposal , last readings on syllabus, think of topic, Sociology of medical knowledge, lying Preindustrial city meaning feudal society, History of need of ethics review, rule of ethics, tusky syphilis study learn when people ot syphilis how did it progress and told black that they were getting treatments not actually getting it, milrim electric shock, zumbarto mock jail, prisoners and guards professor head jailer, led to ethic review boards, history of ethics review of the us, ethics done by agency who provide funding, CIOF RESEAERCH, Canadian sociological assoctioan has own policy triparty policy, each university own as well, b VIDEO social structure econ, polit, religous The Western Tradition Lawless looked for immediate change, out of anarchy new social order looked for immediate response, Middle ages 4-5 century tow people and two societies german and romans, two societies wont all the different, 3 4 century slump of the societies dimishing comfort of urban minority, as it cracked pre rome reappeared, clans a nd gangs gathered around people who wer keystone of social leaders, Countryside before roman conquest became the economy, Barbarian tribes carried traditions, less discipline ind abstract, west cash build with stone barbars took over and adopted traditions, Two invading natives and barbars same had aristocracy of same brutality, Germanic barbar rubbed off on rome and vice versa, chiefly intergration downward
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