SOC101Y1 Lecture : lecture

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5 Feb 2011

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Final assignemt write up research proposal , last readings on syllabus, think of topic, Lawless looked for immediate change, out of anarchy new social order looked for immediate response, Middle ages 4-5 century tow people and two societies german and romans, two societies wont all the different, 3rd 4 century slump of the societies dimishing comfort of urban minority, as it cracked pre rome reappeared, clans a nd gangs gathered around people who wer keystone of social leaders, Barbarian t ribes carried traditions, less discipline ind abstract, west cash build with stone barbars took over and adopted traditions, Two invading natives and barbars same had aristocracy of same brutality, germanic barbar rubbed off on rome and vice versa, chiefly intergration downward www. notesolution. com. Caralingian empire, empire of vilaage ciefmanship, beought by chalremain, heirs would ruin there parenst, Every sprng king called on lords for plundering, most not from taxes but from robbing or robbing lords outside relam.