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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 Feb 6th 2012 SOC358H1 Professor Lee

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Tara Lee

Midterm InformationEssay questions choiceShort answers explaining ideas from readings or lecturesFocus All of the readings up to today focus on the big thing of each articleCrime and Deviance over the Life CourseNeighbourhood affects research operates under the assumption that where you live the context of your upbringing shapes the trajectory of life o Ex Neighbourhood effects of healthObesity greater in certain neighbourhoods could be due to factors like distance to grocery stores Hard to get fresh food only source of food is convenience stores corner pizza stores etcDistance to gym places where you can exercise Analysis is complicated by the culture of the neighbourhoods how people use spaces Ex parks can be used for exercise but can also be used for criminal purposes drugs gang activity etcCivil gang injunctions LA criminalizes routine activities of people known as gang members Ex young men and women who were suspected of being gang members could not use phones could not gather in groups of three or more in public spaces etco Linked to certain spaces on one hand but there were certain individuals that were targeted Differentially applied to people who the police think might be in a gang Life CourseSequence of culturally defined agegraded roles and social transitions that are enacted over time caspi et al 15Duration timing and ordering of major life events and their consequences for later social development o Duration typically a normative amount of time one spends in school Life course operates under the assumption that there are consequences of not completing certain portions of your life in a certain amount of time Ex schooling system if you get held back a year in any level of schooling there is a consequence o Timing there are certain events that should happen at a certain time and when this is thrown off there are consequences for the individualteen mom o Ordering Certain events should come before others when they dont there are consequences for the individualhaving kids after marriage is normal If this happens in the reverse there are statistical consequences Link social history and social structure to unfolding of human livesCohort study on children born during the great depression done to see the effects of the life courseLife course history people look at big historical changes and see how people change based on those effects
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