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SOC101 Lecture #11

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Mar 7 Lecture on Occupy Toronto011112 SOC101 Lecture 11 Professor Lesley Kenny Gender InequalityMovie 1 Sociopolitical forces brought women in large numbers into the work force Movie 2 CanadaWomen earn less than men even if they work in the same sector or even with the same jobThere are no occupations in which women earn more than men even in a femaledominated area such as clerical work and teaching Women earn 71 of what men earn for fullyear fulltime work Women with university degrees earn 74 of what men earned with university degreesHas the largest wage gap between women and men fulltime workers out of worlds 29 most developed countriesA statistics Canada study found that the major factor in the wage gap is The presence of children rather than age marriage or education Even when woman poverty rate is at its lowest one woman in 7 lives below the poverty line in one of the wealthiest countries in the worldFour Social Mechanisms that Reinforce Gender Inequality Job discriminationOccupational segregationIncomparable worthDisproportion family obligationsJob DiscriminationReward man and women differently because of their gender worth Likely to not hire a women cause of household work child care and family obligationsOccupational segregationHigher proportion of women in the job lower the payDisproportion family obligations Emotionally satisfyingCare
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