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SOC358H1 Jan 16th,2012 Prof. Lee

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University of Toronto St. George
Tara Lee

Outsiders Studies in the Sociology ofDeviance 16012012 110400 Lecture 2Howard Becker y American sociologists who graduated from university of Chicago y paid for PhD playing jazz piano near Hyde Park y many of his chapters in the book come from observational research he did while playing piano in the park y becoming a marijuana user and control of social deviance were part of his graduate thesis y forces sociologists to recognize a new area of sociology y Other notable workso boys in white a collaborative work study of careers of medical school students by looking at the unfolding process they find how the meaning of training to become a medial doctor evolves from romantic aspirations to the practicality of getting their degree back to idealism again The meanings evolve as a persons situation changeso art world study begins with the idea that whenever we talk about famous artistsmusicianspainters we often create myths about lone individual genius whose exceptional skills allows them to rise to fame But in this book Becker raises the idea of collective identity of looking at people together to see how individuals arise out of this group We should study the supporting cast of people around that person eg parents competitors deviancecrime are often result of collected activities o tricks of the trade o writing for social scientists What is Devianceuniversal human rule all social groups create their own kinds of rules and enforce these rules Eg religiouscultural prohibitions
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