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SOC207 Lec 2

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Greg Bird

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Lec 2BackgroundHegel1Alienation from Product2Alienation from Process of Production3Alienation from Speciesbeing4Alienation from OthersMastersIntellectualPhysically dependent on servantsServantsPhysical LabourIntellectually dependent on mastersConclusions from Hegel1Masters are not all powerfulcompletely vulnerableSmall in numberDependent on servants as a forceIf servants go on strikemasters entire lifestyle will crumble Only servants will survive and keep the systems goingMasters are slaves to the systems they createdcompletely dependent on slaves1Servants are actually in power in the systemsControl the factories transportation food water etcIf they stop working the system collapses1Find a system that everyone could be masters Have intellectual and practical skills We now live in
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