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Lec 3Part IHarry Braverman Labour Process Theorya BiographyCritically analyzes managing theory and practices Argues that scientific management is not in the interest of people but in the interest of profitLabour Process TheoryAnalyze how production affects workersDraw from Marxs AlienationBraverman Look at the process of work and examine it in details and focus on alienating aspects in the process of work MarxAlienation from the processManagement is about controlling people in work by coercing workers to work Management philosophy is largely of coercisionone of the aspect of powerinfluence MindCritiques Taylorismnot about technology but about techniques Taylorized people into mere functionaries Used false representation of science Shifting controls from workers to the managers New growing middle class for management Each worker have a particular classeach does only one piece of the processb Piece work vs Task Workkey of understanding Taylorshift from piece work to task workpiece workwhat it has to be done paid by how much you makeworkers have more controlpaid how much they decide to workworkers not interested in making profit for companytask workhow it is to be done workers now given a taskchange from the finish product to the processmanagers by focusing on how work to be done have more controlcontrol the process of workdirect the workplace in a more comprehensive manner c Marx Separation of ConceptionAlienation of speciesbeingconception work is out of your handsMassive dehumanizationHumans are thinking and reflecting beingsneed to define work relationships to execute our thoughtsTaylor believed that the workers have too much power to conceptualize workTake conceptual process from workersinclude not what they do but the overall plan of how things are done the managers can have more control of them Execution
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