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Political Sociology

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Bob Andersen

SOC297 Jan19 Goals 1 Welfare States a What is the welfare state b Some terms and concepts c Major paradigms on the development of the welfare state 2 Class discussion a Do we need a welfare state If so why b Should we have a welfare state and if so what shape should it take Some important terms 1 Political Values and IdeologyA set of ideas about how society should be organized and functionIn political sociology we are usually interested in 2 sets of valuesEconomic dimension o Right liberal openmarkets neoconservative neoliberal o Left redistribution taxesLibertarianAuthoritarian dimension o Liberal sometimes referred to as left o Conservative sometimes referred to as rightSome important Terms 2 Social Rights o How do social rights differ from political and civic rightsCivil rights right to freedom liberty freedom of speech right to justice etcPolitical rights right to participate in the exercise of political power as a member of government or as an elector of the membersSocial rights right to economic welfare and security and to live the life of a civilised being according to the standards prevailing in the society Marshall 19738Terms 3 Redistribution o Welfare states have both horizontal and vertical distribution to varying degreesHorizontal redistribution y piggy bank of insurances against social risks y Reallocate income across the life course y Not redistribution between rich and poor y Goal is to ensure wellbeing in the face of bad luck eg illness or foreseeable need eg old ageVertical redistribution y Robin Hood type of reallocation of resources y Use tax funds from rich to pay aid the poor y average household income is 68000 per year o
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