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Sheldon Ungar

SOC101Y1 Week 14 11911 Race and Ethnicity -Dr. Morton: races that rank higher in social hierarchy have bigger brains -> European -Criticisms of MortonsSkull Study 1) identifying the race of a skull imprecise even today. 2) small, unrepresentative sample -used African skulls that have been robbed from graves 3) controlling for sex reduces or eliminates race differences eg. Average black female skulls actually turned out larger than female ones -skull size does NOT equal intelligence -stereotype: black ppl = more genetic superiority in sports -however: most of the top runners are West African descent. But theyre not excelling at swimming, hockey, etc. DNA Snips -DNA is a chemical that contains the genetic instructions for all living organisms. When ppl have a child, the DNA of the mates combines child inherits that parents DNA -DNA consists of 3 billion pairs of 4 types of molecules. Diff sequences of molecules result in characteristics (eg. Skin colour). 99.5% of the DNA of all ppl is identicial -remaining [see powerpoint] Comparative Genomics -snips influence readily apparent physical differences such as skin pigmentation + less apparent physical differences such as the capacity to absorb and utilize various chemicals. Idenfitying snips of the latter type enables the production of designer drugs that are best suited to groups w unique genetic characteristics. -significantly, comparative genomics research focuses on diff btwn SOCIALLY distinct groups, such as blacks + whites. Yet genetic diversity is greatest among ppl of African origin, + genetic varation within other racial groups may be pharmacologically significant. Race, Biology, and Society -theres no biological evidence that races differ in ways that explain behavioural differences (eg. Brain studies) -behaviourial diff btwn racial groups are not constant (eg. Group IQ scores and athletic success vary) -behaviourial differences btwn racial groups vary by social circumstance (eg. Upward mobility and academic enrichment boost IQ scores; lack of opportunity for upward mobility increases participation in professional sports.)
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