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Robert Brym

LECTURE 3September 28 2011SOCIAL INTERACTIONSocial Interaction is face to face communication People acting and reacting in accordance with one another is what social interaction isA dyad is a twoperson groupA status is a recognized position in a social interactionWomen laugh more than men Speaker laughs more than the listener Laughter is typically unevenly distributed People with higher status get more laughs People with lower status laugh more Women laugh more and men crack more jokes People with higher status are wittier and they crack more jokes People with lower hierarchy tend to laugh moreLaughter is a sociological signal of dominance and subordinanceWe can often do control our emotions In some situations we control our emotions and react in a way we have been trained to handle itHow we get emotionalExternal psychological responseculturalmodified emotional Stimulus and initial emotion scriptresponseFor example Your pulse rateYou have learned thatStill fearfula grizzly bear increases etclying still and playingyou act accordingattacks you experiencedead increases the to the cultural fear chance the grizzly bearscript whichwill lose interest in yougives you hope Emotion management involves people obeying feeling rules and responding appropriately to the situations in which they find themselvesPeople talk about the right to feel angry We have conventional expectations and conventionally defined expectations Women and middle class people are more capable of supressing their emotions than men and working class They cultivate the capacity to supress their feelings Emotion labour is emotion management that one does as part of ones job and for which one is paid Changing emotional management as a commodity
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