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Robert Brym

LECTURE 4October 5 2011SOCIALIZATIONVictor the Wild Boy of Aveyron Until he walked out of the forest in 1800 he was isolated Didnt wear clothes couldnt speakLack of socialization at an early age prevents them to have social interaction at a later stage The whole processes of becoming aware of yourself as you interact with other Socialization is the process of learning culture and becoming aware of yourself as you interact with others Ability to learn and become social is only a potentialA psychiatrist Spitz held a number of studies He compared children who lived in orphanage and the other a nursery home attached to a womens prison In the nursing home women came to take care of the babies The babies could see a side of the society In the orphanage there were established practices They did not get to interact with others so much By the ages of 912 months the orphans were more susceptible and there were more death rates By the ages of 23 years babies in nursing home began walking and talking Whereas orphans started thwalking in their 4 yearSociologistsEvolutionary Psychologists think that Genes dont just estimate the physical characteristics bu
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