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SOC101 Lecture#12

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012512 SOC101 Lecture 12 Global Inequality Kenny15 of the developing world population go hungry every nightlack the basic necessities13 live in absolute povertyAverage Annual Income by Country 2008 Canada US Antarctica high incomeMexico is considered a country that has ups and downs of incomes could be that one individual is pulling up that average Data like this is very deceivingArea as a Function of Percent of Countrys Population Living on Less Than 2day 2003 Africa takes up the mostrdJanuary 3 433366 Income of top Canadian CEOs by noon Avg CDN income per YEAR200851 of Onatrians earned 30000 or less59 of CDN workers say they would be introuble if their paycheque was delayed by a dayCanadas income gap at 30year highCanadas gap between rich and poor is growingIn 2004 the average earnings of richest 10 of ONS families raising children was 82 times that earned by the poorest 10 of ONs families 2008 97 times 2009 188 times Among wealthy countries Canada is in now among nations with the highest percentage of lowpaying jobs at 25 The incidence of lowpaying hjobs is one of the best predictors of higher child and family povertyTorontos 3 Cities 1970 Downtown is very low more than 40 belowby 2000 the poor has spread outwards few joined the upper but more joined the lower First generation that will not do as well or better than parentsGross National Income Per Capita by Child Mortality Rate 2006 1 Low middle income countries 2 Parts of the world the countries are from3 The size of the circles are the population4 Child mortality good if child survives past 55 The amount of average income Congochildren are dying high child mortality rate The lower the bubble the more children are dying Singapore is high in income high in health care it is the place to be Canada is not doing as well as some countries healthcare wise and child mortality wiseIts not just about how much money a country hasGDP per PersonThere was a growth but a larger jump for the wealthy countriesGDP Growth in 2000 dollars
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