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SOC101 Lecture #13

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020112SOC101 Lecture 13 FamiliesThe Nuclear Family Composed of a cohabiting man and woman who maintain a socially approved sexual relationship and heave at least one childTraditional nuclear family the wide also works in the home without pay while the husband works outside the home for money Most widespread family but only a minority live in the traditional nuclear family The Traditional Nuclear Family and New Alternatives legally marriednever married singlehoodnonmarital cohabitationwith children voluntary childlessnesstwoparent singleparentpermanent divorce remarriagemale primary provideregalitarian dualcareer ultimate authoritysexually exclusiveextramarital relationshipsheterosexual samesex relationshipshouseholdsThe Growing Diversity of Canadian Families married couples with children at home 55 1981 387 2006common law couples with children at home 1969common law couples without children 3785 The Five Functions of FamiliesFunctionalismeconomic and political reforms can positively affect single parent families the nuclear family is the universal building blocks performs a function1 sexual regulationMarriage regulates sexuality 2 economic cooperationThey can best perform lighter tasks belief that most men was stronger than womenMore goods and services are produced3 reproduction Children are a investment in the future their economic value in the family increases as they grow they help support their aging parents Not true in out now western society4 socializationTeaching children language values beliefsThe basic and irreducible function in the family5 emotional support Gives it members love affection and companionshipMothers are the primary expressive roleMen are the primary instrumental role Since men is the primary giver it gives men the ultimate authority
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