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Lecture 4

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Dan Silver

Lecture 4Rationalization BureaucracyCharisma Science as a Vocation Religious Rejections of the worldRationalization In this essay about rationalization he is articulating core question How did it come about from people in the west develop this intensively rational calculating approach to all aspects of life It is to plan the best way possible and allows you to make changesThis is an unusual thing in history atypical A lot of cultures traditions can be destabilizing a lot of traditional practices get thrown away if they are irrational When did this rationalization occur first Going through the different spheres 1 Science Many cultures and places have developed rich and refined set of empirical observations around the world What is objective and not objective for doing science in a scientific way Only found in the west 2 Art Ranging sounds in a systematic way of imposing music Happened only in the west Writing down music allows you to think about music in an abstract way Development of perspective and painting 3 Architecture Western innovation
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