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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 Notes

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Sheldon Ungar

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The middle class in the 19 century, and the development of new ideas about gender separate spheres Ideas about gender developed by the middle class (successful businessmendoctorslawyers & their family) Notion that men & women are different have different nature, opposite sexes Two kinds of analysis of the causes of these new ideas 1. Social-organizational change: new ideas reflect a changed reality (how social work is organized around the separation) work is separate from family, and the idea about gender mapped on to this Women belong in the family, men belong that work The world changed, and ideas reflect that change Home as a retreatdomestic heaven, home coming out of religious imagery (religion was influential during changes) Men seen as breadwiner, masculinity based on mens economic success 2. Mens (& womens) agency: mens response to womens political campaigns for change developing ideologies aimed to minimize change Agency: acti
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