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Robert Brym

Sociopolitical forces brought women in the work force women came to the work force due to the war Race class and gender all have negatively affected women and their value in society CanadaWomen earn less than men even if they are in the same job sector or even the same jobNo occupation where women earn more than menWomen earn about 70 of what men earn for full year fulltime workWomen with university degrees earn 74 of what men earn with university degreesCanada has the largest wage gap between women and men fulltime workersEven when womens poverty rate is at its lowest 1 in 7 women live under the poverty line in wealthy economies A Statistics Canada study found that the major factor in the wage gap isThe presence of children rather than age marriage or education Four Social Mechanisms that Reinforce Gender InequalityJob discriminationMicrosoft has done thisreward men and women differently for similar jobsIf women got married they would be firedOccupational segregationThe higher proportion of women in the job the lower the payIncomparable worthskills required to wor
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