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SOC101Y1 Lecture Notes - Helots, Sophist, Despotism

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Irving Zeitlin

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Sept. 20th 2010
SOC 203 Y1Y
Theory & Ideology
Opinions & Blinds and distorts
We need historical backgrounds
Democratic ethos… doctors… relate to individuals medical history memory in
the many individuals
Pre-Socrates thinkers preceding Socrates Classical Greek
In the understanding of social structure
You needHistory + Biography Social structure
-in order to understand and analyze human nature
Platos Republic
Nature of society of his time
3 major forms of society of this time (Platos time 3 major societies)
-to eliminate defect of the society he created his Ideal Society
3 Kinds
1. Oligarchy rule of the few
2. Democracy rule of the men/people
3. Royalty/Monarchy rule of the one

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Oriental Despotism coined by Montesquieu
All power is concentrated in the hands of the ruler
Ex) Egypt- Phaorah (Conductor, organizer and choreographer)
In Platos time, example Persia
In Platonic time, Persia was representing the oriental despotism
Despotism =/= Tyranny
Pharaoh Oikos all the people are his servants
He brought the positive contributions to the working of the society
Ex) The Niles used to be inundating
Architectural & Engineering problems ; pyramids
House of Bondage
The Battle of Marathon
Persian vs Greeks Greeks lived in city-state (Polis) Pan-
Hellenic religion
Polis where the word politics comes from
Persians & Greeks werent united yet but won
Greeks won in the Battle of Marathon
Counterfactual Thought Experiment
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