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Greg Bird

Lecture 12 Industrial or Labour Relations1Labour Relations v Industrial RelationsIR Consensus harmonyTaylorLR Conflict UnequalKarl Marx Braverman Femminist approach antiracist and teamwork 2Industrial Relations Legislation in Canadaa Backgroundbtwn 199 and 1994 less than 09 of total working time in Canada was lost to a strike SO there are very few work stoppages in Canada Table 72 deals with this in textbookWe have the perception that unions are strike happy in our country because it gets a lot of media attentionmost of the legislation we have here regulating unions was only instilled to keep peace serving in the interest of employers not the unionsthe mantra for all unions is that the threat of the strike will make more gains and if the systems been orchestrated to limit that it takes away from the leverage and the threat that unions have to make changeb Legalization v Institutionalizationmaking unions legal is a positive thing but the more your social movement engages with law they become incorporated into the grand systemwhen they become recognized by they law they become subject to a series of laws pol
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