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thSeptember 28 2011 SOC101 Lecture 3 Social Interaction when we interact socially with others both parties are strongly influenced by their emotional states a dyad is a two person group o speakers laugh more than listenerso certain patterns between gendero men get more laughs than women do o women laugh more than meno gender pattern of laughter fits a general pattern we observe in societya status is a recognized position in a social interactiono when we behave in expected ways we are conforming to what sociologists call a ROLE set of expectations of how people in a particular status are to behaveo some status have more power over otherso when people of different status interact laughter is unevenly distributedo people with higher status get more laughso jokes of women are more comical than jokes of meno as you move down the status hierarchy more people laugh at the wittiness of those of higher statuso humor is often directed towards those that were seen to be superior then themselves if you know how to control your emotions it can help in certain cituationsHOW WE GET EMOTIONAL1 External stimulusa gri
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