SOC101Y1 Lecture Notes - Natural Experiment, Rite Of Passage, Sociobiology

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19 Apr 2012

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October 5th 2011
SOC101- Lecture
- Victor, the Wild Boy of Aveyron
- People who aren’t socialized don’t develop normally
- Cannot form intimate relationships with people
- Lack of socialization from childhood/ infancy prevents from proper develop
later on in life
- To develop normally, we need interaction with other people
- Socialization is the process of learning culture and becoming aware of
yourself as you interact with others.
- The ability to learn culture and become fully human is only potential,
socialization is the ability to release that potential
- SPITZ- psychologist who did a natural experiment, compared children who
were raised in an orphanage and a nursing home attached to a women’s
o Orphanage kids are normally isolated
o By the age of 8-12 months, they were more prone to infections than
the infants in the nursing home
o by the time the children in the nursing home were 3, they were
walking and talking
- our behaviour is not determined biologically rather sociologically.
- Biologists claim that genes account not only physically
Darwins Evolution Theory
1) the characteristics of members of each species vary widely
2) species members with more adaptive characteristics are more likely to
survive until reproduction
3) therefore the species characteristics that endure are those that increase the
survival changes of the species
The Logic of Sociobiology
1) identify a supposedly universal form of human behaviour
2) make up a story about why this behaviour increases survival chances
3) assert that the behaviour in question cannot be changed.
- behaviour is a consequence of genes and the environment and the interaction
between the two
- genes never develop without environmental influence
- children are expected to conform to norms of society
o gender chores
- its only in the last century where childhood is important in development
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