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rd November 23 , 2011 SOC101-Lecture Crime and Deviance - bring calculator - multiple choice Hair “Crimes” - what makes an act a criminal/ deviant act means there is a departure form the norms - deviance: breaking a norm - crime: breaking norm that has been codifed in law - both deviance and crime typically elecit a negative reaction from others, ranging from mild (e.g., an individual raising his or her eyebrows) to severe (eg. A state invoking capital punishment) - even the killing of other people is defined as okay but in other context seen as a horrible crime - Have you heard of Paul Bernardo and Karla Holmolka - Early 90s, convicted of committed murder in the Toronto area - Have you ever heard of the Westray mine disaster - In 1992, Nova Scotia, 26 people killed, 4 government commissions were established. - Coal dust, supervisors who were hired were inexperienced, (safety issues) - No one went to jail or convicted of anything although all 4 govt commissioners found negligence - Peole with more power have more say in what constitutes a norm or a law - Norms and laws are created for the benefit of people with a lot of power Power, White-Collar Crime, Street Crime - power: is the probability that one actor within a social relationship will be in a position to carry out his or her own will despite resistance - white-collar crime: refers to ill
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