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1UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, Fall 2011 SOC383H1: Women Migrants, Room 1073, Sidney Smith Lecture 4: October 7, 2010 Women at risk program - accept women who are vulnerable to abuse in camps and such to come into a country Canada violates human rights rule - if a person arrives on land and claims refugees, if they do not meet the suitability criteria they would send them back. Thus suitability criteria does not apply if a person manages to get within boarders of canada refugee vs refugee climants -2 meanings of refugee -1)common sense , broad "inflight" asylum seekers 2) Resettlement in Canada IRB - imigration and refugee board - all claims for protection mad within canada are recieved by a canada border services agency immigration officer at a port of entry or at a citizenship and immigration canada (CIC) immigration center. all claims deemed eligible by the officers are refferred to the IRB for a hearing - in 2007 they accepted 14 000 people, they were understaffed which meant the 28000 claims spilled over to 2008 -right now acceptance rate of climants is 35% Who is a refugee? -must meet UN criteria -3 reasons why women have difficulty 1)do not usually have a refugee profile - political activists (men are more likely to be actors in a public form) women were more likely not to be apart of opositional political activities - usually people in prison, tortured, seen as legitimating their claim -women is not in prosion or tortured or if shes assulted or beatend or killed , may be persecuted. -focred mariages - seen as a violation of human rights may be persecuted. 2) failur of state to protect less obvious - women may be prosecuted because of their relationship to others - women may be persecuted because they are women (state discriminates or fails to protect) 3) gender roles may add to adjudication difficulties -hesitant speaking downcast eyes, trauma induced coldness -traumatic stress disorder - no emotion -works agaisnt women becuase they wont cry or show emotion in this case, and women tend to be more emotional thus they are taken less seriously 1) same reasons as men but persecution takes different forms depending on gender 2) being fmaile compounds risk (eg race and gender) 3) membership in particular group What to do about women? 1994 -gender guidelines What is “globalization” and how is it linked to the term “feminization of survival.” Do globalization and the need for survival influence the extent to which women migrate, where they migrate, how they migrate and why they migrate? How does globalization affect developing economies and do such impacts affect men and women differently? What new terms have you learned up to now? This week, you should know the meaning of: international migration; globalization; feminization of survival, structural adjustment policies; Overview of today’s lecture 1- Overview of the globalization literature 2- Overview of the development literature 3- How is female migration related to a country’s level of development? 4- How is female migration related to globalization? 5- What kind of migration? What is globalization Definition: Increasing integration of economies around the world, particularly through trade and financial flows. Term also may include reference to movement of people (labor) and knowledge (technology
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