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Eric Fung

Total institution is a boarding school - ie army boot camp (can't turn to elicit behaviour) - refugee campst are different, they can create sites of vulnerability -once women are targeted they get picked on again and again. -usually sexually violated Major general questions for September, 2011: How is the process of resettlement different for women and men who are “in flight?” What happens to women in camps in terms of resettlement? Let’s begin by discussing the three “options” for people in camps. What are the three? - in general that happens to refugees -1) voluntary re... (the return) - humphry movement - cannot have forced return -dangerous because there could be dangers -once things have gotten safe, they want people to voluntarily return to their country of origin (UN is pushing this) -2) Integration in the local host country - depends on the host country - kenya has large camps but they won't let refugees work in the country -3) resettlement to a third country (eg canada) - hard because they must adapt to the new culture -also very expensive to the host country - canada 260 - 280 thousand people -refugees get a lot more support -gender issues are central -50% are women and girls (higher in camps) -under represented in 3rd country settlements Are refugee women under-represented or over-represented compared to men in coming to a country like Canada? Why? Can you give two reasons? What does “suitability” mean? -one way that people can come to canada, person who has been in flight gone to naighboring country, to be chosen for settlement in the third country -choice s made by UN nations (perfered way) - because they can plan for it, give people who are suitable for relocation -Second way, show up at boarder station either at pearson or coming in from united states, dropping off by a boat, get proccessed as a within canada applicant -Abroad suitability adaptability issues - Gender stratification - low education , kids (women are not seen as important for settlement as much as men) -gender stratification not important -women are not as likely to be chosen - because they end up with alot more kids, and they have less education because families would give priority for education for the boys -If a person makes it on a plane, they are due to a hearing, canada has to process claim that they are refugee Who is a refugee? - owing to well founded fear of being persecuted for the reasons of race religiion nationality membership of a particular social group or political opinion. -Suitability - code word, "you can make your way" - only criteria for getting into Canada as a refugee - settlement countries - add the suitibility criteria - you can make your way -education, work stills, language, experience - that allows the person to sustain itself and not depend on the country - also do not have that much baggage (ie children) - thus women are less chosen because of their lack of education and their lots of children -Thus women remain in camps -gender becomes a sorting tool How to recognize these gendered outcomes? How to remedy the inequality/inequity Equality: state of being equal: have rights, treatment, quantity, or value equal to all others in a specific group Equity: Something that is just, impartial, and fair. - best example of difference is 5 steps to go up, equality is everyone needs to go up all those steps, equity is there is a ramp built to help disabled people who have trouble going up steps can get access to class -stalls and urinals - equality 10 stalls for women and 10 things for men, equity (women take longer than men, thus they need 15 stalls) Gender mainstreaming can be seen as a solution? What is it – does it have another name? What is equality and what is equity? Can you give an example of each? Gender-based analysis (also known as gender mainstreaming) is a process that assesses the differential impact of proposed and/or existing policies, programs and legislation on women and men. -Traditionally women work less then men, thus comparing capability of immigrant women and immigrant man, women would be less likely to sponsor family -women is not as likely to have the income to be a sponsor What is a gender perspective? And how does it apply to migrant/refugee men and women? Steps in Analysis  Step 1 -- Preliminary assessment of gender equality impacts  Step 2 -- Assessment of gender-specific outcomes, goals, objectives and indicators  Step 3 -- Research  Step 4 – Consultations  Step 5 – Development of policy options  Step 6 – Communication of the initiative - they realized this difference so they tried to equal the playing field by lowering the income line for women to qualify for sponsorship Let’s see how gen
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