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Lecture Notes on Mass Media

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SOC101Y1 Lecture 7: The Mass MediaNovember 3,
-American Psycho: shows how people become victims of consumerism and the mass
Slide: Percent Watching TV 15+ Hours per week, Canada, 2007
-The more educated and younger people watch TV for less time and vice versa
Slide: Definition of mass media
-Mass media is an extension of human body and mind
-A lot of information you collected might be used for other groups to gain
information about you (internet cookies, Facebook, etc.)
Slide: Facebook Default Privacy Settings, 2005 and 2010
-More information is available for larger circle of people/group
-Facebook collects your information
-Usually the members of audience can only choose to tune out
Tune out you will be excluded out
-Interaction b/w media and us: media most likely dominates us
Slide:   listing 
-Newspaper was the dominant mass medium in the early years
-1969: ARPANET Internet
Slide: Why the Mass Media Grew
-Religion: why Bible became best selling in the world
-Political: emerged from 18th century and on
Demanded citizens should have rights to choose who the rulers are
They wanted to gain access to literacy and insisted being literate
Slide: Theories of Media Effects
-Functionalist: complex societymore institutions
# of roles increases more difficult to interact face to face with others
oSocial control crime
oEntertainment mindless, release stress
-Conflict theory criticizes functionalist that they encourage inequality of mass
Slide: Canadas Media Giants, 2007
-Mainly horizontal integration until the 90s
-Today: more vertical integration
oe.g. Rogers owns Toronto Blue Jays
Slide: Global Media Giants, 2007
-Canadas media giants are smaller than the others in the world
Slide: Political Murder in the New York Times
-Anti-communism gets a lot of attention compared to leftist priests
-Therefore, media is right-wing
Slide: The Relationship b/w Centrality of Values and Diversity of Media
-People filter the information they receive
Slide: Audience Reaction to Pro-Choice TV Dramas
-Real women are more complicated than the stereotypes created by mass media
-Feminist approach to mass media:
Misrepresentation of mass media
oExamined the kinds of roles of women and men in mass media
oTV dramas tend to cast women as subordinate roles with less power
and less income earnings
oAdvertising targeted women for household products
oNews focused on economy, politics, etc. that are associated with men
Slide: Occupations in Prime Time TV by Gender and Race, USA, 2003-2004
-There are biases
-We develop stereotypes of what we see in TV

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