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William Magee

Measuring Crime and Deviance: Methodological Strategies Absolutism - 2 different meanings Lack of consensus in minor crimes Is Durkheim an absolutist? yes and no Eristic Consensus falls under absolutism He does promote inequality Not completely an absolutist Epistemology study of knowledge Crime is something government stipulates cant controlstop it Get info from news, people, community, friends, coworkers, school Our own observation! Direct observation- personal experience of crime and deviance Indirect observation heresy, friends, news, What we know Sets up limitations and structures Tactics of deigns, analysis Imp cuz it provides more systematic and limited approach Research is not data collection only What kind of crime matters in researching Method matters Your own ideas matter on how u approach the topic Money and time matter What structural deadline and conditions are placed The kind of data What shapes our methodological strategies? Interconnected system of ideas How we view the social world Theories - difficult most theories arent like this Ideology: system or set of beliefs Sometimes based on ideology sometimes not Ideology has all the answers religion has all the answers Social theory contained, narrow, doesnt have all the answers Ideologies are fixed and closed Social theory is changing and growing... has a built in system Social theory and scientific theory are fusibility things that can be proven wrong can always be proven wrong Highly partial (ideology) and social theory (neutral) Social theory crosses social stance Depending on the jurisdiction you commit 2 robberies and then smash a window life sentence Depends on the policy of deter crime Qualitative and Quantitative:
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