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Lecture 7

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Alexandra Marin

LECTURE 7 INTRODUCING CAPITAL: originally the means of production (money to buy the means of production) More broadly: things that ad value to market labor in pursuirt of some goal more effective Popularized by MARX- denotes the means of prduction HUMAN CAPITAL: attrbutes of person, education, experience, knowledge, skill, talent, SOCIAL CAPITAL: aspects of social structure or resources accessible through social ties - IS NO TRUST because trust is in the person themselves CULTURAL CAPITAL: knowledge of culture or implicit understandings of the way things are done within a cultres Social Capital & Finishing High School: pt1 Network closure (connections between parents, friends, teachers) creates: obligation (and trusts that they will be met), sanctions (and norms provde us with questions like what should we be dooing), info channels (everyone knows whats going on about you), Students with more network closure are less likely to drop out than students with less network closure When social capital disppears so does the social netowrk PT2. Neighborhood Affects: HARDING’S Study: teen boys in poverty, teen pregnancy highschool drop out rates in relavence to niegborhood Spuriousness: Ecological Fallacy in saying that poor neighborhoods generate bad people GANG VIOLENCE -> KEEPING IT LOCAL -> AGE DIVERSE NETWORKS-DROPPING OUT & TEEN PREGNANCY Narrows to Gangs: gangs are usually local- diverse in age : an individual’s network is limited to this small space, it is likely that if you skip school, more likley to befriend older people who don’t go to school/work (gang members) People who aren’t poor (as well as the poor) have worse outcomes when living in nieghborhoods with a lot of poverty Social capital: is thus the structure of the network, helps keep them in the sense that they are protexted but costs them significantly in another area SOCIAL NETWORKS & LIVING IN POVERTY: how do people living in poverty access the resources their families need? STACK: Famiy: smallest durable organized network of kin and non-kin-(fictive kin) prodiving domestic needs of children/ensruing their survival : reciproicty is a double edged sword = recipricity in circulation of resources because the networks consits of strong ties/dense ties “what goes around comes aroun” ; so you have to give in to get something back but what if you want something better? The network does help you but unless you can all climb out of poverty at once and abandon it altogether, these networks make it hard to move up Nieghborhood effects denote the attributes of a niehborhood (poverty) SOCIAL CAPITAL & CULTURAL CAPITAL: Bourdieu: Cultural Capital is learned in childhoos and gatekeepers use knowledge of high culture to exlcude outsiders –applies to France Erikson: everywhere is not France-you can pick up cultural capital later in life, cultural capital isnt just to bond, it is also to exclude, therefore, cultural diversity matters, cultural capital is not just for gatekeeping it is for coordination, espeically in busniess settings Social capital (diverse netowrks) create diverse social cpaital, diverse cultural capital creates diverse networks Cultural Omnivore: maybe it is not just to good to know about high culture but a whole bunch of cultures – higher class know about themselves and everything below, middle class people with more cultural capital is an advantage cause it is not just used for gatekeeping but also to coordinate in business, FUNGIBILITY: about being able to take one thing and turn into another (interchangable)- ex. You can make money from one thing but then use for another – use one of capital to build another Human capital (attributes of a person) affects cultural capital (education, using your skills/talents to create interests/hobbie
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