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SOC220 Lecture 5

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SOC220 Lecture 5 10/17/2012 Functional Theories of Inequality Emile Durkhiem Social and historical context - 19 Century; responding to fears of social order conflict and distegration Social Development - Societies become increasingly heterogeneous in the course of their development o Inequality solved practical economic problems and was a source of social order and political stability  Industrial society can lead to a new form of social solidarity  There is the potential and basses for new type moral authority Biological analogy - Like a body, stable society needs functionally interrelated institutions o Social conflict and class divisions damaged the society as illness damages the body o Beneficial to the society Functional perquisites 1. Determine ex ante (before event/beforehand) certain functional requirements that must get done in any society if it to continue 2. Searches for customs or institutions whose persistence over time of their appearance in several societies can betaking as ex post proof (after the fact) of their functional value 2 Premises: Social facts - social institutions are more than an aggregate of individuals acts and motivations and therefore cannot be reduced to them o Society is emergence o The social institutions do not lie on the individual (higher level) Social solidarity - Social be
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