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Monica Boyd

SOC383H Lecture 01: Sept 13 TERMS Definition of International migration:  migration involves a permanent change in residence by crossing a political boundary: province; county; city-internal migrant; national boundary – international migrant  note: confusion over ‘permanent’ residence but many different types based on entry status TYPES OF MIGRANTS Regular (legal):  migrants have legal status, rights(?);  temporary residence;  Permanent residence Irregular:  no legal status, limited or no rights;  related to overstaying; smuggling; trafficking WHAT IS MEANTS BY (IM)MIGRATION POLICY? General definition:  A policy is an instrument for identifying major goals, matched by a specific means to achieve them.  Goals or plans, practices, and regulations adopted by a government or other organization that are designed to guide or control institutional and community behavior. Immigration policy vs Migrant policy BRINGING MIGRANT WOMEN IN TO THESE GENERAL DISCUSSIONS How related to immigrant women?  Affected by general policies and also targets of policies  Attention paid to migrant women really starts late 1970s-1980s 2 Feminization of migration: what is meant by the term? a) increasing % women in international flows; and b) dominance of women in flows Female Migration Occurring Worldwide Canadian context: World (2010): 49%  1912-15: 28% More developed: 52  1921-25: 38 Less developed: 45  1931-35: 60 Least developed 47  1941-45: 66  1951-55: 43  1961-65: 52  From then on, between 50-53% IS THIS “FEMINIZATION” NEW? NO AND YES No: women have always migrated to other countries (Cana
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