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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 notes

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Sheldon Ungar

Sociology Lecture Notes 8 Beom-Jun Park Social Stratification Shipwrecks in filmmaking used as literary device; humans stripped of essentials and left to survive with nothing but their own resourcefulness 1719 Robinson Crusoes story about being cast away. Wealth means nothing on the island, so ones merits and talents will make them great in society 1974 Swept away: deckhands are treated like crap by the rich white lady; storm claims all except for the lady and a handsome deck hand. They have sex. When they come back to civilization, the lady goes back to being a pompous aristocrat and the guy returns to being ignored and unappreciated. Lessons: You dont have to work hardinherited Hard work doesnt always make you rich Recent example: Titanic At one level, shows class differences (first class vs third class) this is made a life and death issue, as preferences onboard lifeboats were given to first class, women, and children Another contradiction to them: we learn that class differences can be insignificant under certain circumstancesthe lovers were of different classes, and love conquered all. Class differences can be overcome Focus of this lecture: Sources of inequality Which model is more accurate? Functionalist Social inequality IS necessary, said Davis and Moore They said some jobs are more important than others, for those jobs contribute more to society (e.g. Judge > Janitor; judge has to go to university, law school, training, experience, pay lots of money, forego income and freedom)
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