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Robert Brym

SOC101 Sept 12- lecture 1 Professor Brym and Professor Green WE WILL DIE. - Emile Durkheim-1897- Suicide o Suicide=rare, most antisocial act. o Main argument- rate of suicide in any given category of the population is a function not so much of the state of mind as the people, but rather the state of social relations in that society. o People commit suicide when they suffer from psych distress; the more distress, the more likely the suicide- what one would normally think, early psych theory.  Eg- women suffer from more psych distress than men; yet men commit 3-4 times more suicide.  Eg- looking at religion-> more suicides among protestants, but most psych distress was among the jews in France(jews had least rate of suicides)  People embedded in social relations; the nature or these social relations influences the reaction to psych distress, thus influencing the rate of suicide. o Durkheim’s theory of suicide I  Whats really important- social solidarity in a given group. A groups leel of social solidatiyy is determined by  Frequency with which its members interact  The degree to which they share beliefs, values and morals  Suicide rates are lowest at intermediate levels of social solidarity and highest at low and high levels of social solidarity. Eg- married people commit les suicide, because they have family, kids, etc. to anchor them in the world. With religion-
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