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Race & Ethnicity

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Sheldon Ungar

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Sociology January 19
, 2011.
Race & Ethnicity
Reading: NS ch. 8, SiQ ch. 15 @ p. 163, ch. 16 @ p. 178, SLDI ch. 4
Dr. Mor ton famous for collecting and measur ing human skulls
Skulls coming from various times/places, various occupants from various races
Morton believed the bigger a persons brain, smarter they were
He believed he could calculate average brain sizes for different races
Believed he could create hierarchy brain sizes for different races
He found races that rank higher in social/economic hierarchy had larger brains
Hierarchy: white, Asians, and black at bottom
Claimed to show system of social inequality in U.S. and globally had natural
biological roots
Consequences of differences in average brain sizes in different races are the reason
for some races being richer, poorer, dominating, etc
Despite claim to scientific objectivity, not a shred of evidence proves his claim
Gould at Harvard re-performed Mortons experiments and found i t to be faulty
Many people still believe that there are biological difference b/w races and they
are significant causing individuals in a particular race to act in a certain way
E.g. We have the results of I.Q. tests taken by immigration department from 1920-
30s and Jews had I.Qs 15-20 points below avg for U.S. and so many sued this as
an argument for w hy they shouldnt immigrate into N.A, however today Jew I.Q.
results show above avg. However over the years Jews studied harder, improved
their education, higher attendance, therefore I.Q.s are not biologically determined
Race is to biology as ethnicity is to culture
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