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SOC383 Lecture 5

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Monica Boyd

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SOC383 October 11, 2012 Lecture 5 MC 40% One essay 60% Econ development, migration and modern globalization  Features of economics globalization today that impact migration structural adjustment programs  What is structural adjustment - see handout (oct 4 lecture)  Usually rich gets richer, poor gets poorer. Military/dictator-like government (all the assets go to them because they have the power to demand these assets)  Clothing o Marketing advantage - ability to sell goods cheaply, attracts younger customers SAP (structural adjustment programs) & Econ development Often produces 3 outcomes: 1) Export oriented agriculture (loss of traditional livelihoods) 2) Feminization of manufacturing (maquiladoras - female factories on mexican border, etc) a. Easier to intimate for the maximum profit b. More willing at work at cheaper rates c. Women are disposable (every 4 years - eye strain is so bad, need glasses) if labour is cheap, it's easier to dispose them and hire new workers, there are always fresh supply (high fertility rate) 3) Migration for survival (individual) or under state auspices for remittances Momentary disinvestment, creates a symbol for politician (e.g building a school) Understanding Sassen Impact of economic globalization  Shrinking opportunities for the women blahs Result: countergeographies of globalization, feminization of survival  Trends that are not often included within discussions of globalization despite being directly or indirectly linked to its associated effects.  (ignoring women in this, all is cared about is the financial expansion into industrial countries, lose sight that migration is an intrical sight to what is going on. Women need to have attention paid to as well)  Unintended use of infrastructure that facilitate the flow of information, capital and people  Migration of women - Trafficked labour. Globalization connected to modern slavery  The transformation of slavery is another example of the globalization PROCESS  goods produced by slaves (mostly developing worked) are exported to NA and EU  Definition: complete control of a person for economic exploitation by violence or threat of violence What is trafficking Trafficking vs smuggling  Smuggling: "procurement, in order to obtain, direly or indirectly, a financial or other material benefit, of the illegal entry of a person into a state" 1) Hughes (readings) SOC383 October 11, 2012 Lecture 5 o Trafficking is any practice that involves moving people within and across borders for the purpose of sexual exploitation  What is exploitation?  What is wrong with her definition? o Some trafficking can involve smuggling, or o Trafficking of people can b
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