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Vietnamese in Canada Final Test will be on December 5 (That is a Wednesday)  so you need to reschedule Netlab hours Saigon – capital city of South Vietnam (but this was taken over by the Northern Vietnam)  Saigon during the war was seen as a rest station/ major base/commercial district = important Video: The Saddest Day April 30, 1975 the fall of Saigon 1975: the fall of the Saigon (capital of the South Vietnam captured by Northern Vietnam)  Panic efforts of local residents to leave the country ( by sea, land, and air)  Majority was by sea as the northern Viet took over the airport and on top of that no countries were willing to fly planes into a war zone area  Refugee wave (resulted in the greatest exodus within short period of time) Immigration waves  Two large immigration waves of Vietnamese into Canada (accepted refugees and immigrants)  Immigrants to Canada were not directly from Viet but travelled to many other Asian countries to get to Canada (went across different countries and refugee camps in the country)  First wave: 1950s and early 1960s  Majority of these people were those who had money  Many were wealthy students  Vietnam was a colony of France before and because they knew how to speak French, many went to Quebec  Second wave: 1978-1992  Majority came in the 1990s  Called them ‘Boat people’  By the end of 1978; there were many Vietnamese spread across Canada  Ethnic Vietnamese characteristics  Professional ,bureaucratic, members of the catholic church, high academic background  Reasons for leaving:  Internal: fear of communist government and imprisonment  More amongst the rich (their possession would be taken away)  External: US trade embargo led to poor economy  Impact of war on economy: This flight from Vietnam was increased due to other wars that were started (e.g., war with china)  War with other countries did not help economy as gov spending had to go to military funds  Help from other countries/ refugees in neighbouring countries:  Vietnamese refugees were helped by private institutions (such as churches) Characteristics of Vietnamese Refugees  immigrants were mostly composed of:  Vietnamese Chinese and the ethnic Vietnamese  First wave of refugees were Vietnam of Chinese background  Vietnamese Chinese: Integration and identity  Many Vietnamese Chinese encountered identity issues because ethnic Vietnamese did not accept them  They identify themselves as Chinese and speak Chinese with other Vietnamese-Chinese  Their identity were preserved due to the large enclave of Viet-Chinese in Vietnam  Strong network led to the building of own schools, commercial district  At the same time these people did not feel they bel
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