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University of Toronto St. George
Baljit Nagra

 Politics o The structure of political access (who and how?)  Certain people who can or cannot vote  Joanne Nigel argues that o The content of political policies o The structure of political access  Regionalization (ethnic mobilization occurs along those ethnic boundaries that correspond to geographical political and administrative boundaries)  Institutionalization of ethnic participation (ethnic mobilization tends to occur along those ethnic boundaries that are offically recognized bases of participation) o In 1960 the Nigera state was divided into three regions, they competed against each other for central power, this division led to three new ethnic identities (political boundaries can create new ethnicities) o The content of political policies  Language policies  French in canada helps maintain their ethnic identity  Land policies  Giving back to first nations doesn't correspond to the correct tribe but this had cause creations of new tribes  Official designation policies and resource distribution policies  Eg the untouchables in india, because they were discriminated against they fought for rights and now they hold onto their identities for these new rights  Immigration policies  Didn't want a strong Chinese identity forming so laws against Chinese immigrating in the past  Labour Markets o The ethnic concentration of immigrant groups is a result of multiple factors  Coercion (as in slavery)  Organizaed importation of labour for a particular economic sector (chinese --> rail road)  From timing  Particular circumstances of
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