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Lecture 8

SOC220 Lecture 8

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SOC220 Lecture 8 11/14/2012 Race and Ethnic Inequality Video: Popeye’s Runs Out of Chicken - All the customers interviewed where Black people/African Americans - Cheap, fried chicken to feed families (feeding kids with fast food>relates to unhealthy lifestyle) - The original inequality stems from scientific attempts to classify individuals with physiological traits - Racialization: social process by which individuals are singled out for unequal treatment on the basis of imagined physical characteristics (sociologically phenomenon) o Traits are deemed to be socially significant o Because genetically they are not - Many social scientists view race as a social construction Historical origins - Mercantilism, colonialism, industrial capitalism o A way to justify the mass pillage  Entire population were segregated, forced to work  Race became a way to justify discrimination/negative acts o Victims were genetically inferior o “Whites Man’s Burden”  Moral obligations to go out and civilize non-whites  “Half devil and half child” , go out and make them like us (whites) o Slavery - Franz Fanon: Colonialism and Racial antagonism o The effects of colonialism on people o Suggest that colonialism is not just about the economic aspect, there are psychological aspects as well o Takes about full psychological control with economic control o Internalized racism: members of a group that have been racialized come to believe the devaluing of self, change expectations and goals - W.E.B. DuBois: The veil and double consciousness o The Veil  White Americans don’t see African Americans as true “Americans”  African Americans come to see themselves through the eyes of Whites o Double consciousness  Twoness, an inconsistency between White traits and being Black  Frequently occurs and becomes an unconscious act Intel Ad “Multiply computing performance, and maximize the power of your employees” - Only see the face of one individual “the white man” - The individuals bowing down are all African Americans (manual labor) - The way skills Black men acquired are natural, white man acquired their skills through home learning Aboriginals - Indian Act (1876_ o Forced natives into reserves o Restricted natives rights to property ownership o Dissolve native culture and promote assimilation African Canadians - Originally seen as salves or a source of cheap labour - Continue to face challenges o Canadian study (1997) shoes that challenges to assimilation increase depending on how pounced “foreignness: is Immigrants - Historically, immigrants have been used for fangerious or difficult tasks o Ex: Chinese and railways  Head taxes ($500), could not vote or hold public officers, typically paid less than native Canadians - Japanese and WW2 o Forcible confinement in Alberta, Manitoba, and B.C.  20,000 people in 1942 – many of whom were born in Canada  Perceived difference on legacy - The economic assimilation of non-European immigrants is slower than
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