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Lorne Tepperman

Sociology: Intro Lecture Syllabus: on Blackboard Tutorial: online on Blackboard Inequalities: make people sick, make violence. Therefore, Inequalities=bad, so how do we get rid of them? What is Inequality? =the quality of being unequal or uneven Social Inequality= hierarchical difference between any 2 people/groups Soc is dedicated to explain how social inequality works and the reasons most people are at a disadvantage -it also means showing social inequality leads to crime, sickness, addiction, and violence Different hierarchies: and what consequences are (life and death) There are natural inequalities between people Ex. Basketball player is naturally taller: natural inequality; tall people are considered more attractive, have better salaries. Ex. People with higher IQs have natural inequalities Various kinds of natural inequalities: are they to blame for war? And health problems? If it is, than those problems are inevitable, because you cannot change those inequalities. Disagreement on whether beauty is social or genetically given, or universal (whether we have the same perception of beauty) How do differences become something. Why are some societies more inclined toward beauty than others? Brains vs. beautywe learn how our culture values beauty. Habits of Inequality Theory -All societies display social inequalities of some kind (ex. Class, gender, age, racial or ethnic inequality)they are socially constructed (collectively imagined on the basis of a supposedly important natural difference (eg. Skin colour). Are we stuck with the degree of inequality that we have? How do people perform an inequality? Inequalities are all socially constructed. what it means to be rich, poor, black, white, women, men, etc. different societies have different accounts. People are forced to adjust the degree of an inequality (ex. racial discrimination) Inequality has harmful consequences… ALL types of inequality has negative consequences for the people they disadvantage as well as society as a whole Societies Vary in Social Inequality Ex. US has twice as much income inequality as Norway (Norway has higher/same style of living as US)says you don’t need inequality for prosperity Societies with the widest variety and intensity of inequality are most likely to display clear and long lasting patterns we call “habits of inequality”. Correlates of the Inequality Habit these habits of inequality are related to other cultural patterns esp -Traditionalism -Religiosity -Militarism -Parochialism S-N-P-N-Sall types of social inequality display similar patterns or cultural “habits” that include the followingSNPNS 1. S=Social differentiation 2. N=Narratives of blame 3. P=Practices of oppression 4. N=Narratives of validation 5. S= Social Differentiation practice of identifying different kinds of people who are assumed to be essentially and unchangeably different, and whose difference is consequencial for social and economic life -in creating a new inequality, the first step is to create/perform differences Narratives of Blame merely an account of how and why certain people are different thn others and why they desrve to be treated the way they are treated; an account justifying social inequality Ex. Why woman got rapedshould have dressed better Just World Theory Practices of Opression behaviours that are exacted against disadvantaged people by advantaged people, justified by narratives of blame Narratives of Validation type of resistance by disadvantaged people, undermining narratives of blame; they craft their validation in terms of the blame that has been imposed on them Strategies of Resistance combat practices of oppression the disadvantage create (battles, revolutions, civil war, violence, etc.) against oppressors Popular Images of Inequality -Is Inequality a Problem? How d
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