Lecture 2 Notes

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16 May 2011

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Lecture 2: Social Classes
Marx and Engels;
Whoever control the means of production; controls everybody, life and death.
This gives the working class some opportunities; (1) cooperating; enslaving themselves, (2) try to form
unions, contracts, pay of jobs, they try to soften some of the control exercise over the control of the
working class; or (3) form revolutions.
Though unions were a good ½ way point, convinced that they could only have alimited effect on society,
and ultimately there would be a revolution and size control of the means of production and everyone
would control everything, the state on behalf of the citizens.
In every different society, the view on social class varies according to the relations of the means of
production, diff in agriculture society than an industrialized society.
Class stability is maintained by inherintance, that is why poverty can be seen as self-perpetuating.
Class cultures; lifestyle and diff view on the world and set of expectation differ from rich and poor.
Dominant ideology: causes ppl at the bottom to think they are powerless, they cant change anything, suits
the ruling class
Main institutions;
Class awareness: perceiving that there is a diff; there are ppl who are rich/poor
Class consciousness: Understanding ur position in class structure, what the historic relation of those
classes are.
Overcome false consciousness, an acceptance of the dominant ideology; patriotism; were are all in this
together, we are all canadian.
Only w/ communism will the working class have an equal control over the means of production.
Factory: brings hundreds of workers together; talking/sharing views, forming groups/unions
Since industrial capitalism requires factories; they carry the seed of their own destruction as workers
Seems simple; but how come it hasnt happened; because for every step workers take, capitalists also takes
step to prevent theses uprisings. Capitalists own/control the mass media: control over ppls minds. The
dominant institutions of society are dominated by the owners/capitalists.
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