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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 Notes

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Lecture 4
Racial and ethnic inequalities
They also care about race
Race, certain physical genetic feature, colour, hair texture, etc. Visibly identifiable
Ethnic; not physically identifiable, not defined physical features, self-perception and
identification due to certain cultural guidelines, etc. they feel different than others.
Marx; believes that race is a way by capitalist to set workers against each other, such that its
makes it harder to mobilize. He didnt see race as an issues like class.
Durkheim; he didnt see that in a modern society ppl would organize themselves along race,
ethnic and tribalism but rather around their similarities. Ppl would organize integratively, but not
divisibly. Ppl in pre-modern, pre-literate societies were very cohesive, compared to modern
industrialized societies. Related to Collective Consciousness.
New ethnic groups are forming
Share common cultural heritage, cultural minority. New groups are formed as certain ppl from a
certain group move to new countries where the culture is new, wherein they see their differences.
Clash when a group comes from one place and clashes with ppl from another place.
Demography of ethnic groups
Factor which affect the survival of cultural, ethnic identities is demographics. The flow of
population. Constantly concerned on setting boundaries, but for most about the outflow (when
certain ppl realize they dont have to be part of their previous community, marry another race,
work somewhere else). What do communities do in order to keep ppl from leaving their
Chain migration
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Communities continuously being replenished, as the community grows and keeps getting more of
its own ppl, fights assimilation and ppl are more likely to stay in their communities rather than
merge into the normal society.
The policy of multiculturalism undermines the issue of assimilation.
Defining ethnic communities
You may see a group that is economically assimilated, however, not necessary all of daily life.
The study of Ethnicity
Herodotus, father of this kind of study. How do diff ethnic group get along with each other.
Totems and collective consciousness
Christmas tress, what is the underlying meaning. In reality it doesnt matter, it`s just about
everyone doing, as a collective practice. There are symbolic purposes which unify the group.
Sharing of heroes.
The role of closure and capture
They are imagined communities
The role of institutional Completeness
Tendency of an ethnic communities to create institutions such that members of the communities
do not have to leave the community.
There are some ppl more likely to assimilate. Some groups are more institutionally complete than
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