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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 Notes

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Lecture 5: Aging and Age inequality Age is a cultural category; its meaning varies historically and cross culturally Certain social distance between ppl of diff ages [Mannheims Generations], just like w ppl of diff. sexes. Ppl tend to maintain prejudices about other age groups, they will fight against them. They only care for their own interests. Though may make allies against a common enemy. Childhood is imagined (Philippe Aries Centuries of Childhood) Didnt always exists as we know it today Middle ages, things were different They used to be see as proto-adults, mini-adults Adolescence was also invented Through a similar deal came the notion of Old Age, and retirementpension in late 19 century [Feature of young ppl: Risk-taking (can be seen as normative) David Matza (Delinquency and Drift); young ppl drift into delinquency wo a strong motivation to do harm Travis Hirschi; everyone has delinquency potential; social bonding theory ] Invention of old age; arose w paid retirement in 1880s germany. Invention of retirement lead to idea of old age. Karl Mannheim: theories about generational groupings. Generational experiences shapes worldview.
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