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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 Notes

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University of Toronto St. George

Lecture 8 How certain health conditions are stigmatized Doctors(medical profession) Hold control over allocation of blame?? (kinda like court of law) power kinda of doctor notes The sick role Talcott Parsons; to claim to be sick is to lay a claim that calls for an excuse, forgiveness, failure to fulfill normal social duties. Permits ppl to disobey the socially defined rules of school, work, etc. Role of doctors; to define whether or not it is true that one is sick; important position. Deviant (temporary); enables to do things that are quite different from normal. Rights and responsibilities 1. Temporarily exempted from normal roles 2. Right to be cared for 3. Responsibility; look sick, wanting to get well, be fed up with sickness (dont break rules) The role of doctors Doctors are those who make the judgements to determine clearly whether or not one is sick. Problems with this theory (parsons) Not everyone wants to be relieved of their duties (may still wanna got to class) not everyone wants to play the sick role -sets up ideal doctor and patient
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