SOC102H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Sigmund Freud

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16 May 2011

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Lecture 10: War and Destruction
T.H.Dixon; societal problems (i.e. war) are the results of complex interactions of # of factors. One of these
is Inequality
Theories of War:
Evolutionary psychology: Lorenz; all animals are violent, humans show it thr u war
Sigmund Freud: human beings are inherently violent
Malthusian Theories:Expanding populations/diminishing resources (War is a positive check)
This suggest wars occur in high-fertility, poor areas of the world
Others: it is about acquisition of property
Role of capitalism.
Marxists: War is common in capitalist times. An imperial struggle for resources/markets..
Rationalists: w/ or w/o capitalism. Ppl have rational goals when they make war. They assess their
possibility of winning, but regardless hate&fe ar for enemy triumphs over reason (possibility of winning).
Frances Stewart, Theor y:-there must be a leader. But recognizes also, need of economic anxiety.
-‘horizontal inequalities (inequality not due to inherent qualities, but
member of different subculture, etc)
Total war’; requires maximum mobilization of social/economic resources; exposes civilian pop and
economy to enemy attack. ALL OUT; risking everything. Typical of modern industrial society.
Von-Clausewitz; war is a continuation of policy by other means, its normal [‘its no biggie”].
Why Canada is not in wars?
1.The absence of a war-machine; military never played role in ruling Canada
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