Lecture 1

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Published on 25 May 2011
What is social inequality?
The habit of inequality
Ineq u ality always h as co n seq u enc e s, always h armful
We often embra c e ineq u alities as somethin g n ormal or u n avoidable; b u t its
Its often a h abit; we tre a t differenc e s b etwe e n p eo ple as th o u g h they prove
some kind of ineq u ality; o n e is b et t er than the o ther?
We translate differenc e s into ineq u alities
Some societi es are more eq u al compared to o thers, an d vic e v ersa
Culture an d social organiz a tio n d etermines h ow much ineq u ality we h ave
We c a nt ever g et rid of it completely
The d e cisio n s we make d etermine h ow much ineq u ality theres g oing to b e
The effe c ts of ineq u ality
Individ u als promote the morality of ineq u ality
They p romote that ineq u ality is a g o o d thin g in a spe cific d o main
Peo ple o n the b o t t om en d of the g o o d-bad co n tin u u m g et screwed
He alt h ineq u ality affe cts it n egatively
Peo ple in the b o t t om of the g o o d-bad co n ti n u u m live sh orter lives, h ave more
Hispanics are v ery high fertility p eo ple
Whit es an d bla c k pro d u c e at a lower rate
Differenc e s wi t ho u t ineq u aliti es
What are the circumstanc e s u n d er which differenc e s g et translated into
In a glo b aliz e d world we are incre a sin gly d e alin g wit h p eo ple different from
How d o yo u h ave a world of differenc e s wit h o u t every differenc e b e c omin g an
Ind u strial urban societi es are societi es where different ty p es of p eo ple
No pla c e for just o n e view
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Scandinavian societies + New Zealand comes well on HDI index, as well as
How are they doing this?
Canada can do bet ter
In area of inequality, US is far inferior, have not addressed the issue
Canada has done a lot better than the US and other countries
Sociologists/Life is a stacked deck
Talk about social structure and institutions
What is the basis of social order?
Social inequality is very predictable
A child born into a well earning family will have a higher chance of going to
university than a child born into a poor family with problems
Why does the background determine what happens to you
The rich keep getting richer, and poor keep getting poorer
Happens all the time; everywhere
What are the social processes that make these predictable
Inequality, why some people always win
Consequential inequalities everyone encounters appearance (who is ugly
and who is beautiful?)
Appearance: how does it structure socially?
Even in area of appearance, it is advantageous to have more money
Consequences of inequality: crime
Everyone in our society want more stuff
Wars are also expressions of violence produced by inequalities among nations
and groups among nations
Natural inequalities
There are going to be differences that are easily translated into an inequality
Basketball: advantage to being tall
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What is social inequality: the habit of inequality. In e q u ality al w a y s h a s c o n s e q u e n c e s , al w a y s h a r mf ul.  we t r a n sl a t e differ e n c e s int o in e q u aliti e s.  we c a n"t e v e r g e t rid of it c o m pl e t ely. In divid u al s p r o m o t e t h e m o r ality of in e q u ality.  h e alt h  in e q u ality aff e c t s it n e g a ti v ely.