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Lecture 1

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SOC102H3 LECTURE 1 What is social inequality? The habit of inequality Inequality always has consequences, always harmful We often embrace inequalities as something normal or unavoidable; but its Its often a habit; we treat differences between people as though they prove some kind of inequality; one is better than the other? We translate differences into inequalities Some societies are more equal compared to others, and vice versa Culture and social organization determines how much inequality we have We cant ever get rid of it completely The decisions we make determine how much inequality theres going to be The effects of inequality Individuals promote the morality of inequality They promote that inequality is a good thing in a specific domain People on the bottom end of the good-bad continuum get screwed Health inequality affects it negatively People in the bottom of the good-bad continuum live shorter lives, have more Hispanics are very high fertility people Whites and black produce at a lower rate Differences without inequalities What are the circumstances under which differences get translated into In a globalized world we are increasingly dealing with people different from How do you have a world of differences without every difference becoming an Industrial urban societies are societies where different types of people No place for just one view
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