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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto St. George

SOC102H1 Lecture 3 Gender Inequality 25 September 2012 Slide 1. Lecture 3 Gender Inequality a. Slide 2. The dream: a daughter Slide 3. Is this a new ballgame? a. Few decades ago, perception that women were at disadvantage: the second sex (women viewed as secondary Slide 4. One element: Education for women a. More women getting undergraduate education Slide 5. Another element: disappearance of "men's jobs" a. Shifts in nature of work  men are not as needed b. Ex. Fewer manufacturing jobs as tech advances and outsourcing can be more popular c. Class inequalities grow out of work Slide 6. Habits of Inequality Theory a. All societies display social inequality Slide 7. Societies vary in Social Inequality a. Clear and lasting periods of inequality Slide 8. Sex vs Gender a. Sex: biological chacteristics that make a person male / female b. Gender: social expectations that people describe as as a c. Hegemonic: masculinity/feminity = means/domintant controlling at forces men to have masculaine traists and w Slide 9. Why women fail in business: a narrative of blame a. Men say women are not as serious about work as men (they stay at home with kids when sick, they take maternal leave men say th Slide 10. Narratives of blame versus the reality a. Women said they didn't feel valued, excluded, there was a lack f opportunity. Least said is work-life issues b. Discrepancy about what men say about women and why they leave work c. Second belief" women can't take it Slide 11. Women and men hear: is Because hear differently Slide 12. 3rd model: women lack serlf-confidence (thi this Slide 13. The role of gender intelligence a. Men don't have too much of it Slide 14. Glass ceilings and wage groups a. They are socializing b. Slide 15. Women still lack opportunities SOC102H1 Lecture 3 Gender Inequality 25 September 2012 a. Rosabeth Kanter told corporations (as a consultant) not to waste their resources that is the female population b. Kante wanted to understand why they behaved like that Slide 16. That's why they are timid at work a. Women are supposed to act Slide 17. Minority status promotes timidity a. Tokenism: Women in large organizations tend to lack opportunities for upper movement b. Ifyou want to change minority group from being powerless, have to bring a buch of them into opportunity or else the few would be watched too closely Slide 18. Overcoming tokenism Slide 19. Feminization and proletarianization of work a. As women break barriers into certain professions of work, notice that… b. As organizations have stopped treating them like tokens decline in c. You can't understand what's going on in the workplace unless you understand what's going on in the home with women Slide 20. The valuation of "emotion work" a. Sales relies on making you feel great about buying something b. All sales and service work has a component of emotion work Slide 21. However, all service work is precarious work Slide 22. Learning to Differentiate: the beginning of gender inequality a. Children are treated differently based on gender Slide 23. Schools also differentiate people by sex a. Boys have higher dropout rates  teachers don't especially like the boys b. Schools direct students in traditionally gendered jobs (ex. Nurses) Slide 24. The role of mass media a. Media is reminding us that women are supposed to be sex objects (ex. Lara croft has guns but LOOK AT THOSE BOOBS!) Slide 25. Sexual double standard: another narrati
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