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Lecture 6

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Lecture 6: Cities and Minorities: The case of gays and lesbians Info on first nations not in lecture (?) in portal  Social Differentiation o Belief that difference between hetero and homosexuals  Entire subcultures with via institutional completeness, what places to go/not go (gay friendly/hostile)  Christopher Skinner o Unclear whether his murder was a hate crime  The number problem o Women minority group in that they are disadvantaged, overpowered o Gay and lesbian population very small (1-2% of total population) o group that is subject to ridicule is v. small making victimization easier  Implication o Group needs to develop strong protective strategies STRATEGIES OF RESISTANCE  The protective role of cities o Debate over whether cities are good/bad (said to be full of criminal behaviour, full of strangers) o Why would homosexuals situate themselves in believed-to-be “dangerous” cities  Debates flourish about numbers o Residential segregation of gays in cities  a “gay/lesbian” area o People sort themselves geographically based on sexual orientation  The problem they face: homophobia o Conventionally defined as fear/hatred of homosexuals o Implies anti-gay prejudice is irrational feeling based on fear and consequently a defense mechanism o Opposition against gays and lesbians is not a phobia, but a learned subcultural attitude o It is ANTI-GAY PREJUDICE  like all prejudices it is learned  Beliefs supporting hostility to homosexuality o Starts with notion that homosexuality is extremely important (whether someone is homosexual or not tells you a lot about them, their lives)  INCORRECT ASSUMPTION  Three aspects of homophobia o Heterosexism  Something unnatural, perverse about homosexuality o Sexual stigma  Treatment that they’re unworthy to be treated the same o Sexual prejudice  Once assessment is made that someone is gay: “That guy’s gotta go”  Four causes of homophobia o Lack of openness to human diversity o Lack of openness to sexual diversity  Lack of knowledge of different ways, liking different things related to sex o Lack of familiarity with homosexuals o Membership in a homophobic culture  One homophobic culture is the JOCK culture  Hostile to gays and women  tend to go together Authoritarian Personality Scale (NOT ON SLIDESHOW)  Jewish researches lead by Adorno following WWII asked “Could Nazism have happened in the US” o Created a scale that showed political tendencies  Showed correlation with racism and anti-Semitism; tended to be superstitious, emotionally closed, politically conservative  They hated EVERY kind of minority  Any behaviour falling out of a certain norm must be ELIMINATED  In relation to gays, homophobia occurs in narrow people who don’t know much of the world o Lack knowledge of sexual diversity  different ways, liking different things o Lack of ope  1. The role of sexual diversity o Understood different ideas and practices just as there is in different realms of life  3. Familiarity with homosexuals o They don’t know people who are homosexuals o Exposure, contact with other kinds of people reduces likelihood of prejudice and exclusion o Fundamentalist religions tend to be homophobic cultures (ex. Islam, Pakistan, mormon)  New ways of thinking about sexuality o Embarrassing, even illegal, in some places to be gay o Alfred Kinsey  There is not a sharp distinction between hetero and homosexuality  It is a continuous, not discrete  Over a period of lifetime, people take on different preferences o Less stigma attached to lesbians than to gays  How communities grew o WWII brought together large numbers of men o MARX: growth of class consciousness  Bringing people together to share experiences  not just the only gay in town (token gay) anymore  whole bunch of gays in the same small space o Information of homosexuality spread in print media: Attracted isolated individuals to growing gay communities in NY and SF  The role of the women’s movement, birth control o With the empowerment of women and ability of women to take control of their own body via. birth control, sex became removed from realm of procreate  No longer need to procreate if you have sex  don’t need to worry about having babies by having sex o If it makes sense for heterosexuality, then it should make sense for homosexuality  If you don’t need to procreate, sex SIMPLY becomes sex  Victimization in cities  Victimization and inequality  Victimology o Self-identifying as homosexual, having activity limitation/ physical handicap/ identify as an Aboriginal person, puts you at a higher risk of violent victimization  Routine activit
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