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Lecture 4

SOC102 LEC 4 - a point form for lecture 4 (3 pages)

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University of Toronto St. George

SOC102 LEC #4: Class Inequality and Exploitation - Class and equality differences - Importance of economic wealth to power - Different ethnic groups are having a hard time to move up the structure - Inequality is a source of bad health - Marx – organization of work - How valid Marx class and analysis…? - Class culture is hard to discern - No physiological discern on class culture but gender - Invention of culture of ___ and culture of poverty - Difficult to make someone introduce the idea of their membership to a social class (make them aware) - Hard to recognize that they share same goals and same interest - Class differentiation is complex than any other groups - Marx’s meaning of exploitation - How classes differentiate? - Class is created by economic relationships (have and have not) - Display on consumer (e.g.: fashion) - People perform gender and class through dress - 2 sociologists: Veblen and Bourdieu - Veblen interested in upper class (How they live?) - Might be a way of performing a class… as others cannot - Have someone higher to serve you – shows power and authority - Bourdieu generalized and talked about cultural capital - Cultural capital gives the title on who gets the head and so forth - Credential, learn how to dress (upper-class way) - Cultural capital – gives life’s chances - Reason why class remain that way - Middle class – not falling possible rising - Upper class define the person’s taste… reason why they have taste - No culture capital if you don’t know what is elegant or poor - Working class has to sell working labor for survival - Even number VS. Odd number of classes - 3 classes: high, mid, low… according to Orwell – communist (point view on Marx) - Marked by class struggle - Have not VS. Have - Social construction has force and p
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